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To e-read or not to e-read? That is the question

With the rise of e-books I have reached a crossroads in life. Do we as a society throw away centuries of reading real ink on real paper for the newfangled devices known as e-readers? What a quandary and what exciting times we live in to witness such new technological wonders. Now I know how my sainted mother felt when permanent … Continue reading

Maybe we should have a domestic exchange program for students

The daughter of a friend of mine recently graduated from high school. During her time in school she participated in exchange programs in Japan, Israel and England. I think it’s great that American students learn about other cultures. One area that is overlooked in this process is other American cultures. I’ve travelled all over the US for the last four … Continue reading

25 signs that you’re no longer hip…

You use the word hip They play your prom song on the oldies station The baseball stadium you went to as a child no longer exists Forget about the cops looking young, the chief of police looks as young as your paperboy You know what a paperboy is You like classic rap better You think Frank Lautenberg … Continue reading

Life Unplugged: Living Without Cable

Due to the economy, over 800,000 people have cancelled their cable service. To them I say welcome. I’ve never had cable. It’s not that I’m a Luddite, after all I do write this nifty blog, but I’ve just never seen a reason to pay for 100 plus channels of drivel. In 1992, Bruce Springsteen wrote … Continue reading

But wouldn’t they just get junioritis?

State senator Chris Buttars of Utah has proposed eliminating 12th grade to cut education expenses and reduce the state’s budget shortfall. One of his justifications is that for many students senioritis sets in and 12th grade is a waste of time. But wouldn’t that then happen in 11th grade? Using his line of thinking maybe … Continue reading