Outside the box

25 signs that you’re no longer hip…

  1. You use the word hip

  2. They play your prom song on the oldies station

  3. The baseball stadium you went to as a child no longer exists

  4. Forget about the cops looking young, the chief of police looks as young as your paperboy

  5. You know what a paperboy is

  6. You like classic rap better

  7. You think Frank Lautenberg and Arlen Specter have a few good terms left in them

  8. They try to find a place without too many stairs for your high school reunion

  9. In your day, TV was free and long distance phone calls were expensive

  10. You remember when cars made in Japan were lower quality than ones built in America

  11. You still refer to George Steinbrenner as the new owner of the Yankees

  12. You used to let your fingers do the walking

  13. You bought into Phase I of Boca Del Vista

  14. You had to hide under your desk during Cold War air raid drills

  15. Chuck Taylors were cheap sneakers, not a fashion statement

  16. You assume the word “hip” is always followed by “replacement”

  17. Your teachers told you that the United States would be on the metric system by 1980 (that must have been another unfunded government mandate).

  18. Americans didn’t care about the World Cup (oh wait, that hasn’t changed)

  19. You know what WYSIWYG means

  20. And along those lines, you remember typing after a C prompt

  21. You are tempted to finally open the AARP membership junk mail instead of immediately tossing it

  22. The President of the United States is younger than you

  23. Being invited to a tea party event meant an afternoon of old ladies and bite-sized sandwiches

  24. You start to forget things

  25. I can’t remember the last one

Am I missing anything?


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This blog has a mix of some of my main interests in life: travel, politics, food and generally being a curmudgeon. Enjoy.


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