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The government death panels are coming! The government death panels are coming!

On a recent jaunt around Idaho and Montana I noticed a lot more anti-government lawn signs and bumper stickers than I usually encounter in my purple state of Pennsylvania. Here are a few that caught my eye. Leaning against a barn I saw a piece of white plywood hand painted in black: “Keep the governments hands off … Continue reading

Hurray for the USA, we’re #37! WHO says so.

Here’s a video about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ranking of countries by their health care system. I may not agree with the ranking until I see the underlying data but you have to admit that the song is catchy. But don’t listen to this guy, he is just a musician after all. Let’s see … Continue reading

The Boehner of the vanities

Yesterday, on the eve of the health care vote, John Boehner (R-Ohio) outdid himself. In an impassioned speech that reached new heights of oratorical hypocrisy he pretty much ignored his time as Speaker of the House.  He declared that “America doesn’t want us spending money that we don’t have”.  That’s true today just as it was when Boehner was … Continue reading

Tea Party boils over

The Tea Party met in Washington over the weekend for one last rally on the eve of voting on the health care bill. Even by Tea Party standards the wackos were out in force, and I’m not just referring to Michelle Bachman. What is disturbing is the increasingly vitriolic and violence inciting tone of the Tea Partiers.   Black lawmakers … Continue reading

Well if Boehner said it, it must be true

A recent Fox News headline boldly declared: Boehner: It’s “Armageddon”, Health Care Bill Will “Ruin Our Country”  Really John? Armageddon? It will ruin this country? Come on man, isn’t that just a teensy-weensy bit strong? This country has survived slavery, two World Wars, the Great Depression and George W. Bush but providing access to health care for … Continue reading

Reconcile this…it’s been done before

Listening to Republicans complain about Obama’s use of reconciliation for health reform, you’d think it had never been used before, even though the Republicans have used it far more times than Democrats. Personally I think the Democrats are justified to use reconciliation, they are after all the majority party. But at this point it is probably too … Continue reading


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