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Obama finds a way to be ignored by Fox News – Leave the country

It is well documented how the “Fair &  Balanced” Fox News leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to rip Barack Obama. Hardly a day goes by without some headline or other tearing apart another aspect of the administration. Last week they even commissioned a survey to ask voters whether Obama ordering the raid on Bin Laden was a … Continue reading

The resurrection of Bill Clinton, or what might have been

It seems as if Bill Clinton is everywhere these days, even at events for which he can’t charge a six figure speaking fee. Later this month MSNBC will  run a special where they anoint him “The President of the World”. In this regard, Clinton follows a line of Democrats who seem to be better ex-presidents than presidents. Exhibit … Continue reading

My life in the killing streets, or further proof that Glenn Beck is an idiot

Recently Glenn Beck went on the air and ripped my hometown of Philadelphia. He referred to the area around Independence Hall as “the killing streets” and the city as a whole as a “place you do not want to be.” He summed up his argument by saying “Philly sucks”, a cry that is usually only … Continue reading

Will the Know Nothings rise again?

In the mid-1850′s, a political party called the “Know Nothings” grew in America. They were also known as the American Party and the Republican American Party. They were fiercely anti-immigration, particularly against the unwashed masses of Catholics arriving on our shores from Germany and Ireland.  They felt that these new groups would owe fealty to the Pope. They … Continue reading


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