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According to Fox News, Bush captures bin Laden

As most Americans celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden today I wondered how the good folks at Fox & Friends would handle this latest news bombshell. After all now that Public Enemy #1 (Osama) had been vanquished, but by their Public Enemy #2 (Obama), would they be able to rejoice? I’m pleased to report that … Continue reading

Of course Egypt is Obama’s fault, isn’t everything?

As the events unfolded on the streets of Cairo this weekend I tried to predict how the Right would blame this one on Obama. I assumed (yeah, yeah, I know what happens when you assume) they would point to Obama’s June, 2009 speech in Cairo. You remember that one don’t you? It was the one … Continue reading

Sorry folks, the Bush tax cuts need to be eliminated – for everyone

It is mind numbing to watch the Republicans and Democrats argue over who should continue to receive the Bush tax cuts. The Republicans believe that everyone should continue to pay less than their share to a bankrupt Uncle Sam. Democrats feel that only those making under $250,000 should benefit. They state that the tax cuts should only go to … Continue reading

Why promising to make something better than before is just plain dumb

In a recent speech on the gulf crisis, President Obama promised to make the gulf better than before. Really? After hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil have spilled into it? We can really make it better? I felt like this was a promise out of Fantasyland. Right up there with oat bran donuts somehow … Continue reading

Bush Thoughtfully Provides New Benchmarks Of Presidential Incompetence

With the Watergate scandal President Richard Nixon introduced a new phrase into the American lexicon. Henceforth all scandals would have the word “gate” appended to them. Since then we have had  Monicagate, Iran Contragate,  Nannygate, Troopergate, etc.  Even pseudo scandals such as Climategate were not safe from the gate moniker. However Nixon was an underachiever compared to George … Continue reading

The second coming of Mitt Romney: The Anti-Monarchist

At the recent Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) meeting Mitt Romney spoke of Democrats as being Neo-Monarchists. I guess with the good names already taken by other speakers– Marxists, Leninists, Nazis, America haters, Trotskyites (!), Queers, Jihadists, etc.–Mitt had to settle on the quaint but archaic neo-Monarchists. Say what?I had to double-check my calendar. Yup it’s 2010.            For … Continue reading


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