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The debt crisis – every story needs a villain and Eric Cantor is this one’s

During the 2008 presidential campaign one of the mottos of Republican John McCain’s campaign was “Country First.” The implication being of course that the country’s best interests trump that of either political party. Well McCain lost and his party has decided to ignore that motto as well. The fight over raising the debt limit, what … Continue reading

Is Michele Bachmann really advocating the death of Obama?

It’s too easy to pick on the continuing gaffes of the embryonic Bachmann campaign. At a recent speech in New Hampshire she mentioned how that state started the American Revolution at the battle of Lexington and Concord. Not to put too fine a point on it but those battles occurred over the state line in Massachusetts. I guess … Continue reading

You are what you read

The following was passed along to me by a reader from the great state of Ohio. Thanks Rod.    1. The Wall Street Journal is read by the people who run the country.   2. The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the country.   3. The New York Times is … Continue reading

UN suspends Libya from Human Rights Council – wait, what?

When I first saw the headline that Libya had been suspended as a member from the UN Human Rights Council I assumed I was reading something from the satirical paper “The Onion“. How could Libya, a country that has been headed by a tyrannical dictator for 42 years, a country that has sanctioned terrorism including the infamous Pan … Continue reading

Of course Egypt is Obama’s fault, isn’t everything?

As the events unfolded on the streets of Cairo this weekend I tried to predict how the Right would blame this one on Obama. I assumed (yeah, yeah, I know what happens when you assume) they would point to Obama’s June, 2009 speech in Cairo. You remember that one don’t you? It was the one … Continue reading

Should we be surprised by the shooting in Arizona?

Many of us are stunned by the attempted assassination of a Congresswoman in Arizona, but should we be? The intended victim, Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), had already spoken last year about being on Sarah Palin’s infamous “hit list.” You may recall, this list showed 20 members of Congress that Palin wanted to be removed. It included  a map of the … Continue reading

Sorry folks, the Bush tax cuts need to be eliminated – for everyone

It is mind numbing to watch the Republicans and Democrats argue over who should continue to receive the Bush tax cuts. The Republicans believe that everyone should continue to pay less than their share to a bankrupt Uncle Sam. Democrats feel that only those making under $250,000 should benefit. They state that the tax cuts should only go to … Continue reading

Can Jerry Jones fire Nancy Pelosi too?

With the Dallas Cowboys mired in a 1-7 season, team owner Jerry Jones has fired beleaguered coach Wade Phillips. The expectations had been higher than usual in Dallas this year. They are going to host the Super Bowl in their new 3 bazillion dollar stadium. Many thought they would be the first NFL team ever to … Continue reading

Here’s a way for the Republicans to show they are serious about the deficit – paycut!

Now that the Republicans are back in charge, I look forward to them following up their tough talk about runaway government spending with concrete action. The first thing they should do is cut their own pay by 10% and reduce their office budgets by the same amount. Those in the ailing private sector fortunate enough … Continue reading

The GOP’s pledge to America to continue massive government spending

The GOP released their long-awaited update on 1994′s Contract With America. Clocking in at 21 pages, this one is a bit more wordy than the Newt Gingrich penned Contract. Basically, the party of supposed fiscal conservatism has pledged to Americans that they will continue to run up massive long-term debt by returning government spending to what it was before … Continue reading

Another member of Congress feels entitled to steal

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) has agreed to pay back $24,000 in scholarship money that she awarded to her relatives, despite rules prohibiting such nepotism.  She also gave money to the children of a top aide. The monies came from funds donated to the Congressional Black Caucus. Despite being the former chairwoman of the caucus, Johnson denies … Continue reading

Prominent former Klansman to lie in state in Washington

One of the nation’s most famous former Klansmen, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, will lie in repose in the United States Senate chambers today. Among Byrd’s achievements were filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act and voting against the Supreme Court nomination of Thurgood Marshall. He was also known for having over 30 taxpayer funded public works named for … Continue reading


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