George Zimmerman: Pathetic superhero of the right


I’ve been busy so I haven’t written in a few years. But the Trayvon Martin killing and subsequent acquittal of his murderer have gotten me so riled up.

The case, broken down simply, is about an armed man who stalked and then killed a teenager walking down the street. It seems like a simple open-and-shut case of murder, or at least manslaughter, to me.

But the killer was white and the victim was black, so it became a cause celebre of both the left and the right. Black activists pointed out rightly that Martin was initially followed because of his skin color. But it is simplistic to say that Zimmerman killed the youth only because of his skin tone, as if he was just out taking potshots at black people.

Making the case solely about race created an opening for the right-wing blogosphere to immediately jump in and defend Zimmerman’s right to defend himself, invoking Florida’s castle doctrine. All of a sudden Zimmerman, a man who killed an unarmed teenager, had millions of people defending his actions. To them, capping a black kid is no biggie as it fits into their preconceived notions of violent black youth.

Zimmerman already had been arrested for assaulting a police officer (how does that square with the law and order party?) and his former fiancée had a restraining order issued against him. Yet in many quarters Zimmerman is being treated as if he were a returning war hero, rather than the pathetic loser he really is.

On the night he turned to murder, he was stoked up with gun muscles. Just like a drunk in a bar develops “beer muscles” and gets tougher as the night goes on, so did Zimmerman, but in his case because he was packing a piece.

Why did he even need a gun if he was just driving around the neighborhood keeping an eye on things? Did this untrained civilian think he was going to trigger a shoot-out in a family neighborhood?

His gun muscles are the reason he foolishly got out of his car to confront Martin. Does anyone think this wimp would have done so without a gun to protect himself?

Once Zimmerman got out of the car the case totally changes and should imply culpability on the part of Zimmerman. If he had stayed in the car, he wouldn’t have murdered the 17-year-old.

He instigated the fight by going after Martin. But where are Martin’s stand-your-ground defenders? The same people who argue it for Zimmerman should also argue it for Martin.

Ah, but Martin didn’t have a gun and where’s the fun in defending that? Zimmerman’s supporters also saw this case as a proxy 2nd Amendment fight and we all know how hyper those tough guys get when they think the government is taking away their guns.

So at the end of the day an unarmed teenager is shot to death. The killer becomes a hero to the right, partly because the victim was black and partly because the killer used a gun. Right-to-Life party indeed. Truly sad.

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4 thoughts on “George Zimmerman: Pathetic superhero of the right

  1. According to the news reports, Zimmermann called the police when he was still in his car, and they told him to stay put. If he had done that, Martin would still be alive.

    Posted by Jerry | July 20, 2013, 11:03 am
  2. Do we need to ask what would’ve happened if a black man had pursued and shot a visiting unarmed white man inside this gated community, and then claimed self-defense? No. Definitely not.

    Posted by Alaina Mabaso | July 22, 2013, 10:03 am

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