Can Jerry Jones fire Nancy Pelosi too?

With the Dallas Cowboys mired in a 1-7 season, team owner Jerry Jones has fired beleaguered coach Wade Phillips. The expectations had been higher than usual in Dallas this year. They are going to host the Super Bowl in their new 3 bazillion dollar stadium. Many thought they would be the first NFL team ever to play in the Super Bowl on their home field. Well that’s not going to happen.

Watching the Cowboys inept performance made me think of another team that is having a lousy year: House Democrats. In the latest election they lost over 60 seats. They started their season, the 111th Congress, with high hopes too. Many thought that their traditional divisional rival, the Republican Party, would be mired in last place for years. However, that is not to be.

Following an aggressive playbook and appealing to their fan base, the Republican Party pulled out a massive victory. Some have compared it to the New York Jets’ tremendous upset over the vaunted Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. (Okay, nobody has compared them to the Jets but when I was growing up I was a big Joe Namath fan so I just did.)

In Dallas, the head coach was fired for ineptitude. But the leader of the House Democrats wants to keep her job. Even though it would hurt her team for her to continue in a leadership position she won’t go away. As coaches like to tell us, there is no “I” in “TEAM” but there is an “M” and an “E”.  And that seems to be Pelosi’s main concern, “ME”.

Her fellow party members should follow the example of Jerry Jones and fire Pelosi. Just as Wade Phillips was not equipped to turn around his team, neither is Nancy Pelosi.

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