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Nothing Against Old People But…

I have nothing against old people, I hope to be one someday.  In fact, my definition of old seems to go up every year. But the rash of oldsters running for reelection to the Senate in 2010 makes me wonder if it’s time for some new blood in Washington.     In Arizona they have John McCain … Continue reading

A Birthday Gift For George Washington

Even though George Washington is the father of our country he really gets the short end of the stick. First of all, we don’t even celebrate his real birthday anymore (which is actually next Monday, Feb. 22nd) , just President’s Day (more on that later). Secondly,  he is attacked every day by politicians, people and the media. … Continue reading

White Man’s Burden

When I listen to right-wing radio I hear a lot of ranting from angry white men. I used to assume it was related to the plethora of erectile dysfunction ads on these shows. Recently I hear men complain about being a white man in America, as if that is now somehow a burden. Really? If you … Continue reading

Poll: Everyone Hates Congress – That’s News?

Poll: Everyone Hates Congress « The Washington Independent. The interesting thing about this poll is that most people can’t stand Congress as a whole but conversely, they like their own Congressperson. I think it’s difficult for Congress ever to get a high approval rating. People in the party not in power will never like it, Independents (us) … Continue reading

Why are veterans lauded as heroes when they are fighting for us then tossed aside when they return?

This country has a lousy track record of how it treats its returning veterans. Politicians make speech after speech about how veteran’s issues are high on their priority list but then it becomes just another broken promise. Part of the problem may be that so few politicos are veterans themselves. Another is Americans’ notoriously short attention … Continue reading

Ryanair to install pay toilets on domestic flights

Ryanair announced today that they will install pay slots on the rest room doors for flights of less than two hours. Rumor is that flight attendants will more agressively offer free water to increase the airline’s restroom revenue from people needing more pee time. According to Todd Shipley, the airline’s Supervisor of Hygienic In-air Technology, “People have been … Continue reading

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s Roadmap Plan for America’s Future

I give Republican Rep. Paul Ryan credit for trying to confront some hard issues in a thoughtful manner. Obama himself has said that Ryan should not be demonized for putting forth plans that some could see as being hurtful to seniors. I don’t think Pelosi got that memo as Ryan is being tarred and feathered by some of … Continue reading

Is Congress above the law?

A reader from Connecticut sent me the following missive that is rocketing around the Internet: Subject: Proposed 28th Amendment For too long we have been complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens have no idea that (1) Congress members could retire with the same pay after only one term; (2) that they didn’t pay … Continue reading

Doesn’t White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs have better things to do with his time?

Recently White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wrote crib sheets on his hand in a mocking reference to Sarah Palin’s schoolgirl doodles at the Tea Party convention. While we all get the joke, doesn’t he have better things to do with his time than mock Palin? We already know she is flakier than a bowl … Continue reading

Senator Shelby Holds U.S. Security Hostage Over Earmarks For His State

It is disgusting that one man can hold up a nation of 300 million people. While Shelby is trying to get more pork for Alabama he is stopping key national security appointments. He then has the nerve to say he is holding them up because of his concern over national security issues. Yeah right. Only … Continue reading

Mr. Peepers reincarnated as Harry Reid

Maybe in another time Harry Reid would be a perfectly acceptable Senate Majority Leader. I don’t know when that time is but it certainly isn’t now. Part of the problem is that Reid is such an uninspiring person. He reminds me of a dry leaf that you pick up in the fall that just crumbles … Continue reading

Republicans lead the sex scandal game but Dems are catching up

The political sex scandal game between the two parties is heating up. Just when it looked as if the Republicans would throw off the mantle of bedroom stodginess and gain an insurmountable lead along comes John Edwards. This guy had a chance to become the vice president of the United States? While John Kerry may … Continue reading


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