Republicans lead the sex scandal game but Dems are catching up

The political sex scandal game between the two parties is heating up. Just when it looked as if the Republicans would throw off the mantle of bedroom stodginess and gain an insurmountable lead along comes John Edwards. This guy had a chance to become the vice president of the United States? While John Kerry may not have known what a hound dog Edwards was, he should have recognized, as most Americans did, how smarmy Edwards is. So far the box score reads:

Republicans 7: Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, John Ensign, (hey, he’s from Nevada, should it really matter?) David “Family Values” Vitter, Vito Fossella (not as well-known but he was a member of congress who shtupped an Air Force Lt. Colonel)

Democrats 5: John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer (was he the role model for the TV show “The Good Wife”?), Jim McGreevey (should introduce him to Larry Craig and kill two birds with one stone), Kwame Kilpatrick, Gavin Newsom

I think this game may go extra innings

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