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George Zimmerman: Pathetic superhero of the right

George Zimmerman: Pathetic superhero of the right

I’ve been busy so I haven’t written in a few years. But the Trayvon Martin killing and subsequent acquittal of his murderer have gotten me so riled up. The case, broken down simply, is about an armed man who stalked and then killed a teenager walking down the street. It seems like a simple open-and-shut case of … Continue reading

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Welcome to a forum for Independent centrist thought, what used to be called common sense. I am unfettered by the rhetoric of either political party. Oh, and my brain is slightly twisted. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.


I welcome your comments on each post. You'll notice that the form to leave comments asks for your name and e-mail address. That is what Wordpress does automatically. Personally I think it's rude. Feel free to make up a name and e-mail address. The more creative the merrier. Plenty of others have.

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Road Trip Pics

Ok, ok I get the point

The sign refers to Jackson, Ohio, not the group

From a pub in Ireland

Milwaukee - You have to love a town that puts its Children's Museum in a building named for a beer company

Happy Hour in Dow City, Iowa

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Modern no-frills travel


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